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Achieve your desired skin with Sheet Mask Ritual

Our beautiful Masks:

Life is a series of rituals and habits. Rituals bring structure in our lives and habits bring results. We all strive to nurture those habits which bring positive results to our lives.  Our skin condition is also the result of some habits and rituals we DO or DON’T follow.

Is your skin
looking dull?

Does your sensitive skin make you feel unhappy?

Are you tired of dryness and dehydration?

We know how it feels, being tired not only about the problem you have but also not being able to find the right products to heal your skin.

Are you ready to cultivate a new habit which will maintain the youthfulness of your skin?

Many women did when they discovered this secret from the East. Asian women love sheet masks, because this simple habit keeps the beautiful glow on their skin. Legend has it that sheet masks were first invented by Japanese Geishas.

So, what exactly is a sheet mask?

It is an extremely thin sheet made of fabric which is soaked in an enriched serum.

In Asia, women as well as men spend a lot of time and effort on their skincare routine.

They don’t wait for wrinkles or other problems to appear, but take action proactively! Slowing down the ageing process is one of many Asian womens’ primary goals. Sheet masks work instantly on the skin. After just one use, your skin will feel more hydrated and softer.

Many Asian women apply sheet masks daily, and none can deny that they have enviable skin.

We invite you to challenge yourself to reach a new skincare goal this spring.

Elines Cosmetics Masks pomotion march 2022 scaled - Elines Cosmetics

How do you want to improve your skin?

Whatever it is, we have the perfect SHEET MASK SET for you. Sheet masks are one of the easiest skincare products to use. All you need to do is dedicate yourself just 20 minutes a day, and observe day by day the magic that sheet masks will do to your skin.

We recommend applying a sheet mask in the evening. Light a candle, feel the gratitude in your day finally coming to an end and feel grateful for your body.

Clean your face with a recommended foam for your skin type and a cleansing device, to make sure that all the impurities will be removed and your skin will receive all the benefits of the sheet mask. The second step is to apply your toner which balances your skin’s pH level to open your pores. Now your skin is ready to receive the big boost of nutrients the sheet mask will provide.

After you apply the sheet mask, take a moment to be mindful and feel grateful for your beautiful skin, no matter the troubles you have, and know that starting this daily ritual will make it better.

Cultivating this simple but effective habit will help pave the way for you to look young and proud of your skin even into your 50’s.

IMG 3582 1 - Elines Cosmetics

Finally, we want to list two precious benefits the sheet mask will deliver to your skin:


Your skin will soak the serum slowly and deeply and that will help to get rid of all underlying dehydration and dryness.

Boosting skin quality

The serum contains an abundance of minerals and vitamins, and each mask contains different ingredients depending on your skin needs. These help to clear the complexion and maintain your skin tone with a great glow.

As you can see, sheet masks are very easy and convenient to apply. Also, keep in mind that sheet masks are not meant to dry on your face. Around 15-20 minutes is an ideal length of time to leave a sheet mask on. They are also economical and a very effective solution for skin hydration as compared to some salon hydration treatments which are pretty expensive. Also, sheet masks are perfect to take on a trip so you can continue your skincare ritual wherever you may be!

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