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You’ve probably have heard not just once that snail mucin has plenty of benefits for skin, and that’s why it is used widely in skin care products, especially in Korea.
Snail mucin or snail secretion filtrate, is the snail “slime” that you often see trailing behind them. Snails produce this clear substance naturally to lubricate their soft bodies and allow them to glide across surfaces without being injured. After their shell, it’s their best line of defense for protecting their bodies as it also protects them from harmful bacteria.
The discovery of snail mucin’s abilities were first found by accident! Snail mucin was first discovered to have benefits for your skin after Chilean snail farmers noticed that their hands were soft and smooth after handling the snails all day.

Today, Korea makes and distributes many skincare products containing snail mucin.
FARM STAY Gold Snail Cream is a premium cream that contains snail mucus filtrate which densely nourish the skin to complete the skin while being firm and shiny, and also contains gold components that replenish vital energy in the skin to help cleanse and ionize the skin.

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