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What is the Connection Between Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen?

Hyaluronic acid and collagen are two naturally occurring substances found in the human body. Each compound has a different purpose and benefit, and the main connection between them deals with the skin. Both substances can be used to treat the signs of aging and may help maintain the healthy, youthful appearance of skin.IMG 6588 - Elines Cosmetics


Both hyaluronic acid and collagen play a role in maintaining the appearance of youth.


Because we care, we brought an amazing product that has both ingredients and many more.


WechatIMG1112 - Elines CosmeticsJayjun Collagen Fit Mask


The key ingredients of Jayjun Collagen Fit Maks which comes in two steps are: Callus responsible for Skin firming, Hyaluronic Acid which keep the hydration level high, and Marine Collagen which makes the Skin revitalising. On application the mask is delivering a cocktail of anti-aging ingredients directly to skin.

Callus extract is also known as plant stem, which provides higher concentrations of effective physiological active substances than general plants and is JAYJUN’s secret to improving skin elasticity.


WechatIMG1113 - Elines CosmeticsCollagen combats fine lines, wrinkles and dryness and reveals a youthful complexion.

It is the glue that holds your bones, muscles and skin together. It’s crucial to apply a sheet mask which contains Collagen because it is what gives skin elasticity and firmness. So, no doubts that Collagen Skin Fit Mask applied regularly will give your skin gorgeous glow and clear complexion. The essence of the mask penetrates deep into the skin and maintain the abundant moisture for a long time.

As a result this will make all the difference to your confidence and will you help feel fabulous.

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