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Korean Skincare Summarised History

korean girl - Elines CosmeticsOnce upon a time, many hundreds of years ago, cosmetics were part of the daily routine of various cultures and tribes around the world. In the traditional Korean society however, cosmetics have always had a deeper meaning.

Koreans believed that physical appearance reflected a person’s inner self. Korean women and men have always sought to present themselves at their best, and have thus created a unique culture.

You probably already know that in Korea skincare is not simply a routine, but also a holy ritual, and a special art form. Avoiding skin imperfections is more important than covering them with make-up.

Another interesting fact is that Korean women begin to look after their skin from a young age, something they learn from their mothers.


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Women had access to the “affordable luxury” of single-use face masks, which all had innovative and colorful packaging which no woman could resist. Behind the adorable packaging there was a wealth of natural and effective ingredients such as snail slime extract, bamboo carbon powder, donkey’s milk, bird’s nest algae and bee venom – almost any ingredient you could imagine.

Korean cosmetics are so fabulous that they are here to stay. After you try the Korean skincare routine, you will immediately fall in love with it.

The essence of K-beauty is to learn to love, have respect and care for your skin.

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