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We are dedicated not only to taking care of your skin, but also to making sure your hands feel beautiful and healthy!
Exposure to harsh ingredients and chemicals, weather and environment, and also life style all together make up the factors which determine the look of your hands. Many of you will have an advanced skincare routine for your face, but when it comes to hands you will realise that you even forget to apply your hands cream daily.
No worries, we came here with a solutions.
Our hands treatment is as simple as wearing gloves.

Mediheal Line Friends Thereaffin Hand Mask contains a variety of natural plant essence and bioactive cell molecules, gently dissolves old waste cuticle, nourishes fingertips from roots, improves roughness, dryness.
The mask will create a barrier for your hand to preserve moisture. With Covid-19, you may find that you’re using hand sanitizer more often than before. Alcohol-based sanitizers dry out your skin, so it’s important to moisturize your hands after application. When using hand sanitizer, it’s best to wait until your hands are completely dry before moisturizing, as the alcohol-based gel can repel the moisturizer. If you frequently use hand sanitizer, try a hand sanitizing cream to protect yourself from germs and dry hands. In the evening before sleep apply our Mediheal Hand Mask at least twice a week to retain natural supple texture of hands.

To prevent prolonged contact with cleaning supplies, use gloves when doing the dishes, the laundry, or other household chores. In the winter, keep your hands covered to prevent your skin from drying out. While in the summer use a sunscreen to protect your hands from premature aging.

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