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It’s simple, when you have a problem, you want to solve it and when you find the solution you want to share it with the rest of the world.

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ELINES Cosmetics mainly focuses on selling sheet masks as well as other high quality face and body products.

We believe that our business is more than just bringing people great Korean products, it’s also a way to share our values with you. We strive to stay close to our clients in order to offer inspiration and support to them. We aim to empower women by inspiring you to take care of yourself more and to increase the amount of self-love and nurturing you give yourself.

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There are thousands of skincare products on the market and choosing the best ones which are perfect for your skin might be challenging. We’ve been there, searching and testing and getting disappointed because they didn’t work.But, after a long search we found out that some of the Korean products are very effective and the face sheet masks are one of the main secrets to gorgeous and flawless skin.

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Elines cosmetics


We are happy to introduce ourselves, the founders of ELINES Cosmetics shop of amazing Korean products which truly work.

Ines and Elena, we both had the big dream to start a skincare business. Elena has been living in China for 10 years and she had closely watched how Chinese women are taking care of their skin, and we all know that Asian women have an enviable skin.

She was right when she thought that they must be doing something different.

In China having a gorgeous skin is a goal for every woman, and even man. They are very passionate about the their skincare rituals.

It’s not just the moment which gives them that skin glow but also women get the time to relax and to feel their self love.


Elena was amazed when she found out that her Chinese friend is applying a sheet mask every day, and she decided that she will try them as well.Just after using them less than one month she noticed a beautiful change on her skin.And now, it’s been 6 years since the sheet masks are part of her skincare routine. It’s been not a short journey until she found the best Korean sheet masks.Then she realised that her personal experience is a research which every woman would love to avoid and to straight get in front of her the products that she needs.She was determined to start this skincare business. And all she needed was a partner in Europe.On the another part of the planet there was a girl Ines, who was going through a battle with her skin problem, which actually only after accepting it with love started to attract solutions which in short time changed the whole story.Ines used to have a dry skin which in time became very sensitive and dull. She tried many products of European famous brands which deal with these problems to overcome skin conditions like hers, she followed the advices of many specialists, but the problem was still there on her face.In that period the desire of starting a skincare business appeared. She knew she is going to find that magical solution for dry and sensitive skin and her experience will be gold for other women too.

The universe made it possible that both Ines and Elena’s same desire to come true by finding each other.

As they studied Chinese at university they knew about each other, but they were not friends yet. So, one day Elena wrote Ines on Instagram, and they started to chat pretty often, until one day they began to plan their skincare business which today is growing and bringing great value to women and men.