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Why do the wrinkles appear quickly in eye area?

Because unlike other parts of the skin this one is very thin and soft. So the skin around eyes needs elasticity!
Why Korean eye creams are so effective?
First of all, Korean people have always taken care of their skin. They hydrate and massage their skin to improve blood circulation and to increase elasticity! Along with skin care products, they also use umbrellas to shade themselves from the sun’s harsh ray and drink lots of anti-oxidant teas.
Now let’s come back to skin care products, and mainly to eye creams.
The reason why Korean eye creams are so popular right now is mainly due to their innovative formulas. They only use the finest quality ingredients in their formulations. Korean eye creams are manufactured according to a broad spectrum of skin types –types which have been analyzed and that need special ingredients to help eliminate or prevent certain skin problems from happening in the first place.

Jayjun Gold Snow Time Solution Eye Cream
incorporates pure gold, which helps maintain hydration and skin elasticity while giving radiance to the eye area.
It will help brighten and soften the look of fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, while moisturizing.
The specialized applicator gives a plumping, lifting effect.

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